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Pump Out Service

In our efforts and dedication to help keep our waters clean and safe, Kirby Landing Marine is providing a mobile marine pump out service that follows the Clean Vessel Act and its commitment to improving the overall quality of water by reducing pollution from vessel sewage discharge. Our goal is to have a 100% compliance to "No Discharge" statutes in all areas to the improved health and viability of our Lake.

Please do your part to help keep our Lake beautiful by going to a certified pump out station or contacting us to service your vessel.

Thanks to our mobile pump out service, you no longer have to move your boat to a "fixed station" every time you need to empty your waste holding tank. No more hassles! We come right to your location, we provide you with a convenient and environmentally safe tank disposal.

Try to think ahead on pump-out needs. PLEASE! Let us know before you leave. We usually pump out on Thursday or Friday so we are not pulled off the dock on weekends pumping out boats. We realize there are emergencies, but a little forethought might take care of most of those & help us out as well.

Pump Schedule & Rates





Monday - Wednesday




Thursday - Sunday




Kirby Landing Marina Pump Out Service
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